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GBFC Collaborators

One of the ways we have been delivering the message and content of the Consortium is through participation in important collaborative efforts addressing database development, energy research, valuation practice, and many other areas critical to financial assessment of sustainable properties. Some of these collaborations include:

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—energy and health issues

CoreNet Global—energy issues

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors—valuation issues

Appraisal Institute—valuation issues, training

National Association of Realtors—sustainability curriculum development

North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation—policy, finance

Vancouver Valuation Accord—valuation and regulatory issues

Database for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings—database development

Rutgers Green Building Research Center—REIT valuation research, other

International Youth Leadership for a Sustainable Future—youth education

World Business Council for Sustainable Development—analytics and communications

California Energy Commission—transaction disclosure documents

We look forward to continuing our work to improve sustainable property investment decision-making in the future.

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