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Consulting Overview

Starting in 2010, the Green Building Finance Consortium will begin to offer consulting services through The Muldavin Company Inc. as part of its effort to fund its continuing mission to enable private sector investors to improve financially based sustainable property decision-making.

The Muldavin Company, Inc.

The Muldavin Company, led by its President Scott Muldavin, combines experience in real estate investment, finance, valuation and sustainability to offer a unique perspective to companies seeking to understand, and successfully respond to, the opportunities and risks of sustainable property investment.

Mr. Muldavin has completed over 300 successful engagements for a broad spectrum of clients over 25+ years. His capital markets experience includes co-founding a $3+ billion private real estate fund, advising scores of pension funds and their advisors on investment and capital raising strategies, assisting numerous national and global corporations in designing and executing their real estate strategies, serving as a real estate financial institutions leader while a partner at Deloitte & Touché, and advising scores of lending institutions on their underwriting and product development decisions.

Mr. Muldavin also has substantial securities experience. He was on the Board of Advisors of Global Real Analytics, which advised on the management of over $ 2 billion of REIT and CDO securities. He was the lead consultant which developed the first mortgage risk rating system for Standard & Poor’s Corporation in the 1980’s and has advised many companies in the development of REIT and CMBS investment strategies. As a co-founder and investment committee member of Guggenheim Real Estate, he monitored the REIT market and participated in investment decisions concerning the allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars of REIT investments.

Mr. Muldavin has been involved in the structuring, valuation and due diligence of real estate property and business transactions for over 25 years. He has completed valuation and due diligence engagements involving the acquisition of office buildings, retail properties, hotels, multi-family properties, industrial properties, large land parcels, mortgage portfolios, mortgage companies, commercial banks, real estate service companies and other real estate assets.

More recently, since 2006, Mr. Muldavin founded the Green Building Finance Consortium, and has become an international leader in sustainable property finance, investment and valuation. He has interviewed hundreds of corporations, investors, lenders, and developers pursuing sustainable strategies to understand their challenges, failures, and successes. He has been involved in scores of collaborative projects with energy and sustainability leaders worldwide, addressing performance assessment, energy efficiency, valuation, database development and other important topics. Finally, through the authoring of a groundbreaking 650-page book on sustainable property valuation and underwriting, Mr. Muldavin has developed new insights, methods, and practices to assist sustainable property decision-making. Mr. Muldavin’s full biography can be  downloaded here  and more information on The Muldavin Company can be found at

Consulting Services     Download the Consulting Services Summary Here

Consulting services are designed to meet the needs of clients.  Six areas of consulting that form the basis for the sustainability related services offered by The Muldavin Company are described below:

- Strategy Services

- Advisory Relationships

- Valuation and Portfolio Services

- Capital Access

- Speaking/Training

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