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Expanded Chapters of the Value Beyond Cost Savings Book

The Expanded Chapters of the book follow the same table of contents as Value Beyond Cost Savings, enabling easy navigation for readers wishing to delve into further detail into certain topics. For a copy of the Detailed Table of Contents, click here.

The Expanded Chapters provide substantial additional detail, particularly in Chapters IV: Sustainable Property Performance, Chapter V: Sustainable Property Financial Analysis, and Chapter VI: Sustainable Property Underwriting Guidelines. Each of these approximately 200-page Expanded Chapters provides significant additional research, analysis, and detail not found in the book, although the key conclusions, methods, and practices are covered in the book.

Copies of each expanded chapter can be downloaded below.

  Chapter I. Introduction  
  Chapter II. Sustainable Property Investment Decisions  
  Chapter III. Evaluating Property Sustainability  
  Chapter IV. Sustainable Property Performance  
  Chapter V. Sustainable Property Financial Analysis  
  Chapter VI. Sustainable Property Underwriting Guidelines  



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