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The support of our member organizations has been critical to the success of the Consortium.

GBFC is no longer accepting new members. Please contact Scott Muldavin at or 415-235-5575 if you are interested in becoming involved in supporting our work.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is for those members who make substantial contributions in the range of $25,000. Contributions can be spread over time to fit budgets and budget timing.

Global Sustainable Property Education Partner

Global Sustainable Property Education Partner status is for Members who contribute in the range of $10,000.


Member status is available to organizations/companies for $1,000 and $500.00 for individuals.

A complete list of member benefits can be seen by downloading this GBFC Membership Levels document.

Why Support the Consortium?

The real estate industry is at a crossroads. “General” recognition of the benefits of sustainable investment is growing, but without explicit consideration of value and risk in decision-making, sustainable property investment will remain limited, an unacceptable result for society and investors.

While the value of health and productivity benefits, carbon reduction, reputation enhancement, and protection against economic obsolescence have been generally understood for years, integrating such issues into sustainable property decision-making has been stalled by a lack of knowledge about how to incorporate such information into decisions.

While lack of “hard data” is usually blamed for the inability to integrate value beyond cost savings into sustainability decisions, the lack of proper education on the methods and practices of how to integrate value and risk into decisions is an even more serious impediment.

The Consortium is the international leader and solely focused on integrating value and risk into sustainable decision-making. We have invested three years to document solutions, and will not be able to effectively disseminate its important work without your support.

Key reasons to support the Consortium include:

Magnitude of Impact: The Consortium’s work addresses one of the fundamental obstacles limiting sustainable property investment and has the potential to dramatically increase the flow of capital into energy efficient/sustainable projects.

Critical Unmet Need: The Consortium is the only organization focused on integration of value and risk into energy/sustainable property decision-making.

Unique Approach: The Consortium is led by individuals with deep real estate industry knowledge that frame the discussion of sustainability within the broader market context facing real estate decision-makers.

High Leverage: The Consortium has invested heavily to develop sustainable property finance and valuation best practices. Additional support will enable the Consortium to aggressively promote the adoption of its work with the Urban Land Institute, BOMA International, the Mortgage Bankers Association, the Pension Real Estate Association, the National Association of Realtors, CoreNet Global, universities, and others.

Facilitate Worldwide Best Practices: As an advisor to the US Zero Energy Commercial Building Consortium, the US Department of State, the UK government, and many other organizations and collaborative research initiatives, the Consortium will facilitate the international sharing of finance, valuation and underwriting best practices.

Societal Contribution: The Consortium’s work enhances capital flows to sustainability while enabling investors and tenants to fully consider the financial ramifications of their investments, keeping them healthy and prosperous.

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