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GBFC Special Reports

Consortium Special Reports include research prepared by the Consortium directly or in collaboration with other groups. A full set of building related special reports by the Rocky Mountain Institute can be found at: Publications from RMI’s Deep Retrofit Value Project can be found at:

GBFC Special Reports

  • "Green Potential: Don't Forget About Value and Risk", FRB of Atlanta podcast, March 2011
    Scott Muldavin discusses valuation and underwriting of green real estate development. This podcast recaps the highlights of Muldavin's closing keynote speech at the March 2011 conference, Strengthening the Green Foundation: Research and Policy Directions for Development and Finance, hosted by the Atlanta Fed and Tulane University. Podcast can be found at:
  • Quantifying "Green" Value: Assessing the Applicability of the CoStar Studies
    The purpose of this report is to provide guidance to the real estate industry on the interpretation and use of data and research supporting green building investment. To better understand the role of quantitative studies within the broader decision-making context for sustainable property investments, this report provides an independent critique of the methods, technical execution, and presentation of the findings of a recent CoStar Group study evaluating the financial performance of EnergyStar and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings.
  • Preliminary Assessment of Case Study Databases, Dec. 2006
    Identification and preliminary assessment of case study databases as of December 2006.
  • Muldavin Observations on Industry Green Databases, Nov 2006
    Summary of Scott Muldavin's comments concerning the inital scope and structure of the database being proposed by the Industry-wide Consortium DASH--Database for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings. General applicability to the kinds of data needed by the industry beyond property by property data.

GBFC Glossaries

  • GBFC Acroyms and Abbreviations Index
    This 28 page list provides some guidance in understanding the "short-hand" of both the sustainable property and real estate finance, investment and valuation industries. Key categories include scientific terms and measures, real estate finance and valuation, and architectural and construction terms. This list was produced in early 2007 and will be updated when the Consortium's main reports are complete.
  • GBFC Glossary of Words and Phrases
    62-page list of key terms in the sustainable property industry for use by real estate people new to the industry and real estate terms for sustainable property professionals new to real estate finance, investment and value. This list was produced in early 2007 and will be updated upon the completion of the Consortium's main reports.

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