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Value Beyond Cost Savings Book

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In accordance with its mission and the needs of the industry, the Green Building Finance Consortium (GBFC) presents

Value Beyond Cost Savings: How to Underwrite Sustainable Properties, a book designed to assist private investors in making better financially based sustainable property investment decisions. 

The book can be downloaded for free as a public service of the Consortium.  A hardbound book is also available for $35.00 USD plus shipping.

Click here to download the complete book

While the book uses some color, no information will be lost if it is printed with normal black print.


Rapid market change has significantly increased the demand for sustainable properties by tenants, investors and regulators, but decision-making on sustainable property investment has not evolved past simple-payback or return measures based on operating cost savings. Value Beyond Cost Savings  meets this challenge, providing a roadmap for integrating the value and risks of sustainable investment into decision-making, enabling larger and more profitable levels of sustainable property investment.

Value Beyond Cost Savings  describes how to address the role of certifications in financial analysis; presents GBFC’s Sustainable Property Performance Framework, the “missing link” in performance assessment critical to valuation; introduces GBFC’s Sustainable Property Cost-Benefit Checklist, a comprehensive 40+ page assessment of the positive and negative risks of sustainability; introduces a six-step sustainable property financial analysis methodology; details special considerations in the underwriting of energy efficiency investment and space user demand, and provides specific recommendations for modifications to underwriting and due diligence guidelines for sustainable properties.  A topical index to the book and expanded chapters can be downloaded here.

Due to the volume of the Consortium’s writing, and to make the major findings and conclusions more accessible, Value Beyond Cost Savings: How to Underwrite Sustainable Properties   is presented here as a 300+-page book. The six chapters of the expanded 600-plus page book are available for download here as separate publications from the Consortium’s website along with other more targeted special publications and articles.


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